BLINK :: Diane+Andrew

Hey Gang!

Family traditions are what makes each family unit unique. Being a part of a family is like being part of a secret club. Every member knows exactly what its rituals or traditions are and life just wouldn’t be the same without them. A friend of mine would always go with her family to chop down their Christmas tree. It didn’t matter how many people were around to hear, when that tree was about to topple over the entire family would belt out a loud and hardy “TIMBERRRRRR!!!”. *lol* Traditions don’t need to be a huge event or cost a lot of money..they just need to be yours and that is what makes them special.

When Andrew was a little boy, he came home from school with a tiny tree in his hands and a big smile on his face. He explained to his parents that every student received one to plant at home. Together, they found the perfect spot for “Andrew’s Tree”. Every year it got bigger and Andrew’s Tree became the tree that his family decorated for Christmas. Soon, it shot up and surpassed his height and today it is huge!! I love the fact that it is embedded in one of their family traditions. The symbolism of it is incredible…deeply rooted in the ground, and growing more strong and resilient over the years – just like Andrew’s family.

Andrew’s Mom said that if they ever moved from their home, she’d have to take the tree with her. That warmed my heart and I knew we had to get a shot of Andrew in front of it. To someone driving by, it might just be a “big tree”. But to Andrew’s family, it is years of memories. What once came home in the tiny hands of a little boy is now a huge reminder of how fast time passes. One minute he was helping plant the tree and *blink* here he is standing in front of it, a man, taking a moment to reflect as he reads a note from the woman he is about to marry.

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