Kim + JR + me

Hey Gang,

Here’s our You+me from Kim & Jr’s wedding I shot last month in Miami. It’s clear from the photos below I felt a true “connection” with my couple.  Come to think of it, my photos always turn out better when were having a good time.  Im not sure what it is? Maybe its the comfort level between us or maybe a collaboration of creative geniuses at work! *wink*  Whatever the case I had a blast at this wedding as I do with all my couples.  Make sure you come back tomorrow to check out their wedding day.


This is my “fly-girl” crew, we always hookup when Im in Miami! *wink* All joking aside most of these ladies in this “dope” photo are either past brides/bridesmaids of mine, it’s always a good time when I get to party with my peeps!!